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    The forum page on Musicality TV website is a place where visitors can post comments, reply or start a discussion. But the forum is also a secured forum, this means that visitors with no valid email could not post, reply or start a discussion. This is also to prevent spam from attacking the website.

    Using the forum is very simple, for example if a visitor wants to start a topic, reply or comment on a topic:

    • The visitor will just click ” Login to post new content in the forum. “

    • After clicking the “log in” link, the visitor sees a a log-in form. If the visitor has already an account, he or she should click fill up the form”.

    • If this is the visitor’s first forum visit, the visitor should click “Register” “.

    • After clicking the “Register” link, the visitor will see two fields (username and email address), the visitor has to input any preferred “username” and an active “email address”.

    • After filling the two fields, the visitor has to click “Register” Button

    • After clicking the “Create New Account” button, the visitor will see a message

    “Registration complete. Please check your e-mail.”

    • A message will appear in the visitor’s email confirming the creation of forum account; the email also has his/her username and password in it.

    • To login, the user just need to click on the link provided in the email and input his/her credentials (username and password.)
    • Now, the visitor is automatically in “logged in” status, and will be redirected in the homepage. To start using the actual forum; the visitor will just click on the link named “Forum” in the head meanu section of the Musicality TV website.

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