The Drought Threatening Italy’s Water Supply

3rd August, 2022.      //   Climate Change  // 

The Drought Threatening Italy’s Water Supply: Causes, Effects, And Solutions

Italy’s longest and most important river is drying up. The Po is an essential resource for different industries in the country – from agriculture to hydroelectric power. For this reason, the fact that its water supply is basically disappearing is having a devastating impact on the country’s economy. Environmentalists are developing and testing out effective water conservation techniques to protect the environment and the economy. But preserving Italy’s water supply also means supporting the health and well-being of its population.

The prolonged heatwaves and droughts that the world is currently experiencing are undoubtedly caused by climate change. Earth’s rising temperatures have a direct impact on the global water cycle, increasing evaporation rates. While this results in a rise in precipitation in some regions, others are left without rainfall for months as a result. Global warming-related events on the water cycle also influence the frequency and intensity of heatwaves.

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