These Former Nuns Were Allegedly Abused Within The Convent Walls

27th November, 2021.      //   Crime  // 

Six sisters from same Italian convent have died, as coronavirus spreads  among religious orders | Catholic News Agency

The Sisters Minor of Mary Immaculate was a Roman Catholic religious congregation of consecrated women. It was founded by Mother Maria Elisabetta Patrizi in Rome, Italy, with the assistance of Father Elia M. Bruson, OFM Conv., on August 14, 1983, and canonically erected in that diocese in 1993.

Religious orders are supposed to be spiritual sanctuaries for those who join. But for these women, the order of Sisters Minor of Mary Immaculate was a nightmare of alleged abuse. Now, years later, four of those former sisters are speaking out in hopes of preventing abuse.

An investigation has been started into the abuses that have happened within the Sisters Minor of Mary Immaculate while under the direction of Elisabetta Patrizi. Many survivors of abuse have come forward and documentation has been given. As this site has had many people know or or involved in the order, I am reaching out via this forum to help the investigation move forward. If you or anyone you know has been affected by the order please contact via email me so I can give all needed information.

According to some comments, No one has the right to abuse another in any way shape or form. The church needs to administer consequences and that does not mean hiding individuals at another place where the abusers can continue abusing.

The common misconception is that women don’t abuse. And because of this erroneous belief they get away with it. They are still getting away with it. People need to speak out against ANYONE who is abusive. There’s strength in numbers. The more people come forward the more we’ll be believed.

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