8-Year-Old Junior Olympian Shows His Speed on Treadmill . The next fastest person in the world could be from right here in Houston.

22nd June, 2022.      //   General Interest  // 


An eight-year-old Junior Olympian showed his speed with a 18.2-mph treadmill sprint in Houston, Texas.

Footage recorded by Randall Wilson shows his son, Jayce Wilson, pulling off the impressive feat at the Armed Sports Performance gym.

Jayce’s parents document his sporting progress on their Instagram page, thatboyjayce. Randall Wilson said: “Jayce is very competitive and if he has a goal he will not stop until he meets it. He loves all things sports. He is also an amazing football player.”

“I really admire his drive and determination at such a young age. He truly enjoys all of the sports he plays and looks forward to practice. We can’t get him up for school, but he’s up early and dressed ready on game day,” Wilson said.

Jayce competed in the 2021 AAU Junior Olympics in 2021 and placed sixth in under-8s 100 meters. WOAH! Not only did the Houston-area Junior Olympian reach incredible speeds… but he did it with ease.

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