A $50,000 camper that turns the Tesla Cybertruck into an RV has hit $80 million in preorders – see inside

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  • Camper attachments for Tesla Cybertrucks are being developed by an artificial intelligence and software business.
  • Stream According to its CEO, the $50,000 CyberLandr has already received $80 million in preorders.
  • Take a look inside the CyberLandr, which will be built and delivered alongside the Cybertruck.

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Since its introduction in late 2019, talk about Tesla’s forthcoming Cybertruck has died down, but it hasn’t stopped designers from envisioning its possible applications.


Lance King, the CEO of Stream It, a software and artificial intelligence startup, is currently focusing on developing accessories that can transform Cybertrucks into pop-up small homes on wheels.


That’s right, you read that correctly. A tech business is now producing “CyberLandrs,” or pickup-truck campsites.

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Stream It is “ramping things up,” King told Insider, despite the fact that Tesla’s notorious Cybertruck manufacturing has been put back from 2021 to 2022.

AANlp28 King came up with the concept when preordering a Cybertruck and discovered that no current RV or camper would fit within the futuristic truck’s body.



According to King, the RV business hasn’t evolved in 50 years. “They aren’t going to have a stroke of brilliance and invent a new RV. ‘Who could do it?’ I wondered.”


The answer, according to King, is his Stream It team.


“The only company I can think of that could do that is my company,” King stated. “We’ve got the software developers; we’ve got the AI; and we’re really creative. We wanted it to be a Tesla-like experience even when you were in a RV.”


According to King, a “real Tesla-class RV” requires powerful software that can perform artificial intelligence and annual updates, similar to Tesla cars.


Therefore, in the face of possible layoffs at the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic, King decided to commit his team to the design of CyberLandr.



Prior to this project, the company had never worked in the RV industry, although many team members liked road trips, camping, and RVs.



King said that this lack of experience with RVs is actually a “massive strength.”


“Tesla would never have been able to reinvent the car had they been in the car business,” King stated. “Just being in that changes your field of vision. We think it was necessary to not be in the RV industry to create a truly new and unique product.”


So far, the investment is paying off.

The camper was an immediate success upon its unveiling in early April, in step with the corporate.


To prove potential market success, the company’s goal was to possess 100 to 200 interested customers within the primary month. Instead, it saw 1,000 buyers, it said.


According to King, the CyberLandr team has already hit quite $80 million in preorders, and it’s still recording daily sales, which Insider confirmed.


It’s even received a one-word stamp of approval from Elon Musk, who called a video of the CyberLandr “cool” in early July.The camper’s popularity should come as no surprise. The Cyber:andr combines two growing trends that have recently flooded the car industry: camper vans and electric pickup trucks.

Now let’s take a more in-depth observe the little home on wheels. The roughly $50,000 Cyber:andr encompasses a retractable staircase that leads up to the interior’s lounge, bedroom, and loo.


The entire unit can polish off into the Cybetruck’s bed when it is not in use. think about it as a pop-top camper.

Let’s start within the kitchen, which has all the fundamental necessities with a tech-forward twist, sort of a voice-controlled smart faucet, a refrigerator, a porcelain countertop with a hidden cooktop, and a sink with a chopping board and drying rack.


The front room is correct next to the kitchen and comes with removable seats, voice- or phone-activated lights and temperature control, and a 32-inch smart television equipped with streaming services like Netflix and Apple TV+.


This space can even be used as an office: the tv can double as a second monitor; the pivoting tables may be used as desks; and therefore the CyberLandr’s Starlink satellite dish can provide internet connection.


The front room also transforms into a bedroom. All you have got to try and do is unfold the seats into a roughly queen-sized bed.


There’s also space under the bed to sleep an extra adult or two children.

Other amenities inside the small home on wheels include heated floors, an onboard bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet, and smart glass which will dim for more privacy.



To power all of this, the CyberLandr will use the truck’s battery and its own 500-watt solar panels.Stream It predicts the 1,200-pound camper will inevitably cut the truck’s range by 5%.When it’s fully deployed, the truck and its tiny home will likely stand at just below 11 feet tall, counting on the ultimate height of the Cybertruck.

Designing a camper supported a vehicle that does not exist yet has its obvious challenges, but King believes the Cybertruck’s design won’t change an excessive amount of from the initial unveil.


And the team has already created renderings of the camper with exact measurements, allowing the designers to simply change the camper’s dimensions in step with the ultimate Cybertruck design.

The campers will eventually be produced near the Cybertruck’s manufacturing site in Texas. This proximity will allow the CyberLandr team to put in the campers onto the Cybertrucks for its customers.

In the short term, the corporate are going to be leasing a producing facility just outside of Austin, Texas. But looking ahead, Stream It plans to make its own facility within the city.


Despite this prep work, King is “really nervous” about the primary customers who ordered a CyberLandr.

The product is wholly enthusiastic about the ultimate Cybertruck specifications, so if Tesla doesn’t share them before the Cybertrucks are shipped out, the team will need to take their own measurements and tweak the designs. this implies the primary few customers may not have their CyberLandrs by the time their Cybertrucks are ready.

 “We’re ramping up everything to make sure we can respond very quickly to those changes and get them out as soon as possible afterwards,” King said.


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