A veteran MMA fighter scored a spinning back-fist KO so fast you have to watch it twice to see what happened

16th February, 2022.      //   General Interest  // 

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A veteran MMA fighter added a new highlight to his reel during a regional event Saturday.

Renato Gomes, 34, finished his opponent with a spinning back-fist.

Veteran MMA fighter Renato Gomes scored a spinning back-fist knockout so fast you have to watch it twice to see what happened.

The 34-year-old striker, who has competed at Poland’s lead fight firm KSW and rising Middle East promotion UAE Warriors, fought Alexey Shurkevich at middleweight in Saturday’s main event of Shlemenko FC 3 in Omsk, Russia.

Gomes launched his fight-finishing attack five seconds before the end of the second round, and it was likely a shot Shurkevich hadn’t even thought was coming.

A low kick disguised a follow-up spinning back-fist that put Shurkevich on the deck in an instant.

Out cold, it was clear the bout was over as the referee rushed in to check on the fallen fighter.

Gomes, in a boss move, barely celebrated the highlight-reel knockout as he appeared to advance his pro MMA record to 27 wins (19 knockouts, four submissions, and four decisions) against 13 losses, with ease.

It was a much-needed win for Gomes as he entered the match off the back of a brace of defeats.

His knockout was one of five finishes on the 12-bout card.

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