Coca cola 100 billion bottle problem

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Panorama picks apart Coca-Cola's 100 Billion Bottle Problem | Review | The  Grocer

The soft drink industry produces 470 billion plastic bottles every year, designed to be used just once. Coca-Cola makes a quarter of them; nearly half of the coke bottles are dumped, burned or littered.

In the 1950s Coca Cola was using glass bottles, and customers used to get 2 cents back when they returned the bottle. Coca Cola used to collect bottles and reuse them. A decent amount was spent by the company in the whole process of collecting the empty used bottle, bringing them back and washing them and filling them once again etc. When Coca Cola started using single-use plastic bottles, they realised they could reduce the management cost to the municipalities. In the 1970s, the Coke advertisements promoted the benefits of plastic. Single-use plastic bottles save a lot of production costs. Coca Cola owns hundreds of brands like Fanta, Sprite and 55 brands of bottled water. They use 3,500 plastic bottles a secon which is around 2,00,000 bottles a minute. Coca Cola products are sold in almost every country, generating an annual profit of $20 billion every year.

Coca-Cola sells more than 100 billion throwaway plastic bottles each year. Panorama investigates their promises to crack down on plastic waste. Globally, more of Coke’s plastic packaging is found littered than any other brand. Filming on the ground in Samoa, the Philippines and Uganda, this film asks if Coca-Cola is on track to achieve its pledge to create a `World Without Waste’.

So many of them end up as litter that new figures out on Monday name the company as the world’s biggest plastic polluter. It’s a problem that Samoa has just begun to experience for itself, after Coca-Cola switched from glass to plastic bottles on the Pacific island earlier this year.

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