See moment cooling towers get demolished in UK

15th October, 2021.      //   General Interest  // 

Stunning moment four cooling towers are demolished in five seconds | UK |  News |

Residents living near Eggborough were woken up by the sound of the cooling towers plummeting to the ground last four of eight cooling towers at the former coal-fired Eggborough Power Station were demolished in a controlled implosion on October 1o. This is the moment the last four towers at Eggborough Power Station were sent plummeting to the ground in a noisy demolition on Sunday morning.

Road closures were put in places for the demolition which was not advertised to avoid attracting crowds with the tearing down of the towers representing the end of an era. Earlier this year, half of the eight cooling towers disappeared from the Yorkshire skyline for good and now the other four have been obliterated.

The four towers, near Selby, were 90 metres tall and made from 11,000 tonnes of reinforced concerete. And with that much concrete hitting the ground, residents living nearby felt the shock of the impact. One user on Facebook said their son thought it was “the end of the world”, with another adding: “Well that was loud – heard it in Drax!”

One said “the ground shook” in Whitley due to the collapse of the towers, while another posted that they “heard the rumble in Moss”.

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