Student Invents Toilet That Converts Poop into Energy – And Pays in Digital Currency if You Help to Fill it!

21st August, 2021.      //   General Interest  // 


They say that one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. One man’s feces is another man’s coins in a South Korean school.

The creation of a toilet that composts human waste and converts it to methane biogas for use in the school’s energy system has the students there rethinking waste like never before, as the amount of trash they contribute to the power bills is returned to them in the form of digital currency.

Cho Jae-weon, an urban and environmental engineering professor at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), was the filthy genius behind the clever idea. Cho believes that mankind can solve any problem if we look “outside the box.”

The compost/currency commode, known as the BeeVi toilet (a condensed version of “bee” and “vision”), employs a strong vacuum to suck excrement down into a composting tank, therefore eliminating all water consumption.

The feces are then broken down by bacteria, and the methane is fed into a solid-oxide fuel cell, which powers various building functions like the hot water heater.

A human’s daily feces may produce around 0.5 kilowatt hours of power on average.

“If we think out of the box, feces has precious value to make energy and manure. I have put this value into ecological circulation,” Cho stated.

Cho also designed a digital token called the “Ggool,” which translates to “honey” in Korean, that kids can win by using the restroom.

They may then use their excrement funds to purchase coffee and other goods from the school cafeteria.

In what must have been an awkward encounter, postgraduate student Heo Hui-jin told Reuters, “I had only ever thought that feces are dirty, but now it is a treasure of great value to me.”

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