Watch Heartwarming Moment Koala Slowly Climbs off Tree To Cuddle Woman

14th July, 2022.      //   General Interest  // 

Koala and baby

A video of a cute koala climbing onto a woman for a cuddle has attracted more jokes than jealousy. In the video, which has amassed over 50 thousand upvotes, a woman can be seen waiting patiently while a koala chooses to climb onto her for a hug. But the cute and enviable animal encounter has not garnered the response you might expect, with chlamydia and drop bears being the main subjects in the comments.

One user wrote: “Apparently it takes a Koala peeing on you to transfer chlamydia. So you’re safe as long as that little fu**er doesn’t pi** all over you,” in a comment with 3.5 thousand likes.

Koalas and Chlamydia

In some Koala populations, 100% of the animals tested positive for the bacterial infection, which can cause painful eye infections and blindness, bladder infections, and infertility in koalas. Chlamydia is caused by two different kinds of bacteria, different from the bacteria that usually causes the disease in humans. However, the latter could make a human ill if an infected animal urinates on them .

The propensity for chlamydia to cause infertility is disseminating the koala population of Australia, as the lack of success scientists and vets have had with curing it with antibiotics means it’s difficult to regularly administer them to a koala.

Instead, a vast vaccination program has been rolled out, as earlier studies showed that the vaccine not only protects the healthy koalas but also reduces the symptoms in the already infected animals.

The butt of the joke

A cute viral video of an animal online usually attracts comments like “aww”, or “cut”, but this little guy sparked a majority of comments about koala chlamydia, a subject brought firmly into the public sphere when Harry Styles was rumored to have caught the disease off a koala during a photo op in Australia in 2012. Harry Styles has since denied there’s any truth in the rumor.

One user wrote, “I feel you man, my wife got chlamydia from a koala on a trip to the zoo with her karate instructor”, while another user asked, “Anyone else wondering what happened to her eye?”, to which one user responded, “I think the general consensus is, chlamydia.”

Drop bears were also a popular topic in the comments with one user writing, “That’s not a drop bear. It’s a koala. Drop bears have sharp teeth and attack from above.”, and another saying, “And there’s no way she would have survived that long with a drop bear, unless it was trying to gain her trust to scam and rob her before taking her out.”

Drop bears are fictitious animals made up and perpetuated by humorous Australians to scare unwitting tourists and are said to be dangerous, carnivorous koalas that attack from above.

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