Saskatoon man ditches inactive lifestyle, loses 136 pounds

21st August, 2021.      //   Health  // 


Kyle White never imagined himself as a runner. He wasn’t even a regular walker a year ago, but a lot has changed since he started to get active.

“I think my COVID experience early on was a lot like everybody else’s,” White stated.

“A lot of Netflix, a lot of junk food, a lot of SkipTheDishes. We were really sedentary. I was gaining some weight. We were slipping into some bad habits.”

Because of his sedentary lifestyle, the six-foot-five guy has reached a weight he never imagined he would, weighing in at 430 pounds less than a year ago.

He made the decision that it was time for a change.

“Back in March of 2020, I hit my absolute highest weight. I was starting to feel it in my joints. I was starting to have more and more tweaks in my back and I was really worried about my heart,” White explained.

As a result, he chose to stroll rather than run.

“I started just going for little walks with my dog. I have a very little dog. He doesn’t walk much, but it got me out of the house a little bit,” White added.

“Then I thought, ‘This is actually kind of fun,’ and started introducing some jogging into my routine as well.”

While COVID-19 has caused problems to everyone’s general physical and mental health, the epidemic has provided individuals an opportunity to reflect on what is most important in their life, according to Participaction’s president and CEO.

“For many, that is our own health and the health of our loved ones,” Elio Antunes said last fall in announcing a 24-hour movement guideline.

“A key driver to our overall health is incorporating movement of any type or intensity into our daily routines. Having a healthy day should be top of mind for all of us right now, and that means being active, reducing sedentary behaviour and getting a good night’s sleep.”

White’s dietary regimen was based on the Canadian Health Guide, and he lost 136 pounds as a result of his regular walking and jogging.

He also lost weight, going from a 58 to a 44 waist size.

“I try to keep it light with clothes. I don’t want to make too much of an investment if I know I am going to continue losing,” White continued.

White recently finished his first five-kilometer run and is now aiming for a 10-kilometer run in the Saskatchewan Marathon in June.

His message to others is straightforward: get up and get moving, starting right now.

“Step number one, try. Try something. If it’s going for a short walk, that’s sometimes all it takes. Whatever works for you… just try that.”

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