Our product features the following client and consumer functionality available over the internet or on a range of devices including smartphones and Smart TV’s.

(A) Video Content

It enables clubs, event organisers or artists to broadcast live (real time) over the internet to an unlimited number of fans, free or on a subscription or pay per view basis.

The platform is unique and scalable with 3 key features:

  • It enables many interest groups to undertake real time broadcasts simultaneously;
  • It uniquely processes and reformats (transcodes) a broadcast to be distributed to the viewer in the optimal format for their device;
  • By linking this configuration to the “cloud” each broadcast is instantly scaleable to an unlimited number of viewers.

Our server configuration also enables viewers to watch video on demand which is transcoded for their device.

(B) Interactivity

An unlimited number of fans can text chat between themselves free in a dedicated chat room. There is one chat room for each artist, club or organiser.

An unlimited number of fans can send text chat back to the artist, club or organiser.

(C) Downloads

On Musicality, artists can feature audio tracks for fans to download securely free, or for a premium.

(D) Merchandise

Store facilities to sell merchandise’

(E) Events & News

On Musicality, artists can feature events and gigs with related still images. We do not envisage artists using our platform to sell tickets at this stage.

(G) Player

The platform provides a player for artists, clubs or organisers to feature on their own website which will enable real time or video on demand play out.

(H) Integrated Online Payment System

Musicality TV features a fully integrated online payment system  which enables us to collect money on behalf of artists, clubs or organisers.

(I) Facebook

Links through authorised API’s to Facebook. This enables fans with a Facebook account to log in to a site on our platform using their Facebook account details. automatically posting back to Facebook.

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