Confronting Genocide Denial

Rwanda suffered one of the most well-documented genocides in the world. The truth, backed by


copious evidence, is that it was a meticulously


planned and viciously executed campaign of extermination of the Tutsis.


– the Guardian

The 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi was the fastest, most vicious human atrocity of its kind ever recorded in the whole of the history of mankind!


Here we try to present, on screen, the facts surrounding those directly concerned in or with

Rwandan Genocide Denial.

In doing so we rigidly adhere to the fundamental principles of Scholarship


This channel is dedicated to exploring the stories of men and women who have lived through violent conflict or its legacy. Those who are committed to conflict transformation and to building peace.

The content is multi-racial, religiously multi-denominational, without condemnation and relates to every human being.


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