Bahrain plannned waterfront development: Can Bahrain become a tourist hotspot?

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The Kingdom of Bahrain has many different attractions to cater to a myriad of interests. For history lovers, there is the rich heritage of ancient civilizations, which date back to over 5,000 years, with many temples and burial mounds to explore. A good place to start With is the Bahrain National Museum where you can learn about Bahrain’s rich history throughout the millennia.

Bahrain has long relied on its fossil fuel reserves, but with oil running out, the island nation is looking to diversify its economy.

Now, it’s hoping a $427 million waterfront development project that will help it catch up with more popular tourist destinations in the Gulf and establish the country as a beach-holiday hotspot.

Bahrain plans to construct the largest exhibition center in the region with a footprint of over 300,000 square meters. Bahrain plans to construct the largest exhibition center in the region with a footprint of over 300,000 square meters.
But another challenge they are facing is that there is a very little access to beaches.

On the main islands, the beaches are either built up or they’re private. The development could go some way to addressing that, as the Galali waterfront and Bahrain Bay projects alone will introduce more than 2.6 kilometers of beach to the coast.

Other Gulf nations are making new efforts to attract tourists. In the UAE, Dubai is coming to the end of it six-month Expo, which has drawn millions of visitors; Qatar will host the football World Cup later this year; and Kuwait last year announced it would use an additional 250 million Kuwaiti Dinar ($820 million) in funding to re-develop 11 tourism projects.

Karolak believes that Bahrain’s exhibition center will be an asset to the entire Gulf, by attracting tourists to the region. “When this exhibition center is operational, I’m sure it will be something that all the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries, especially Saudi Arabia, would also use and promote,” she says.

They hopeful that the developments will offer benefits to Bahrain on both a micro and macro scale, drawing global financial interest to the region and stimulating local economies with job creation and investment in local infrastructure.

The plans symbolize a push in the direction of positioning the nation as a seashore vacation spot. “We’re the only island state in the Middle East,” says Qaedi. “That island waterfront identity is very critical to our value as a tourism destination.”

“These developments are going to be game changers for the country,” Qaedi tells . “We have a holistic vision — it’s not just about the individual projects, we are linking them all together, creating a multibillion-dollar vision towards a tourism industry that will become a key attraction for anyone visiting the region.”

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