Berners-Lee Update On The Web

7th September, 2012.      //   Market Intelligence  // 

Tim Berners-Lee continues to develop his web index which measures how the internet is used and developed across the world.

His Index uses a mix of measures to asses country rankings. These include:

Communications infrastructure – the state and availability of web-enabling infrastructure; institutional infrastructure;

Education, laws, regulation and censorship;

Web content – what relevant and useful content is available;

Web use – the extent to which the web is used in a country; political impact; economic impact and social impact.

Top performers include (1) Sweden (2) USA (3) uk (4) Canada (5) Finland (6) Switzerland (7) New Zealand (8) Australia (9) Norway (10) Ireland.

Poorest performers include (1) Nepal (2) Cameroon (3) Mali (4) Bangladesh (5) Namibia (6) Ethiopia (7) Benin (8) Burkino Faso (9) Zimbabwe (10) Yemen

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