World “Triple Play” Subscriptions Forecast To Grow Rapidly

11th September, 2012.      //   Market Intelligence  // 

Global triple-play subscriptions will reach 400 million by 2017; up by nearly 300 million on the end-2011 total and up by 380 million on the 2007 total, according to a new report from Digital TV Research.

Covering 80 countries, the 308-page Triple-Play Forecasts report forecasts that the Asia Pacific region will contribute 257 million of the 2017 total; up by more than 200 million on the end-2011 total. China alone will have 193 million tripleplay subscribers by 2017 (with only 39 million recorded at end-2011) – or 48% of the global total.

Extract from Digital TV Research Report – 21st August 2012

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