Redesigning the spoon for space dining

12th September, 2021.      //   Space Travel, Technology  // 

Reuters India on Twitter: "WATCH: This spoon is designed for space dining… "

Nikolas Grafakos created the Zero-G Cutlery collection which can grip food in a zero-gravity environment.

The idea behind this design is that it actually allows astronauts to control where the food goes a lot better. The current design is literally the same spoon that we have, it’s just a little bit longer and it relies a lot on the water surface tension which means that the food needs to be very mushy and wet in order to stick to the spoon, whereas this design, imagine it’s something between chopsticks and a spoon and it allows people to pinch the food here at the end and guide it to their mouth much easier, which could potentially allow for the introduction of dryer food and more variety in the textures.”

Grafakos’s designs have received interest from MIT Media Labs, SpaceX and NASA

“In the next ten to fifteen years we’re going to start having longer duration flights. That could be longer duration flights to the Moon or to Mars and these small emotional and psychological needs actually become much more critical to the success of the mission.”

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