A company is already offering to turn Tesla Cybertruck units into boats

11th February, 2022.      //   Technology  // 


A company is already offering to transform the Tesla Cybertruck into a boat, despite the vehicle not even having hit production lines yet.

Okay, if you want to be specific, it’s not just a Cybertruck boat, but a catamaran—hence the moniker Cybercat. Its creator TSWLM Electric Vehicles describes the Cybercat accessory package as a “portable and easy-to-install” affair that “can be completed by a single person in less time than it takes to launch a boat.

Besides the frame and all the floaty parts, the Cybercat package includes sensors that read power data, pontoon pressure, and other pertinent information that ensures your electric truck doesn’t become an oversized anchor stuck to the bottom of the seafloor. It also comes with built-in jacks and electric outboard motors.

The Cybercat’s top speed in the water is supposedly 40kph, with an estimated maximum range of 185km running at 10kph. Its outboard electric motors should be good for up to 335hp, and there’s also the option of adding hydrofoils to increase efficiency. Its seller is also pitching some crazy applications for its product, too, such as creating your own “cyber island” made up of interconnected Cybercats, and even turning the pickup into a houseboat. Estimated price for the base Cybercat package is set between $22,900 to $32,900 (P1.1 million to P1.68 million). The pricier setup with the hydrofoils, meanwhile, will go for between $35,400 to $42,900 (P1.8 million to P2.19 million). Talk about counting your chickens before your eggs hatch. Think this idea will take off once (or if) the Cybertruck finally lands in customers’ garages?

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