Aliens And Robots Can Play Lost Ark, But Only After They Take Over The Planet

23rd February, 2022.      //   Technology  // 

images (10)The official Amazon Games terms of use has an entire section dedicated to what happens if and when aliens, simians, or robots take over the planet.

Thanks to the success of Lost Ark, publisher Amazon Games’ general terms of use have been recirculated, with players noticing one section in particular pertaining to how you must be a human, and not an AI (good or evil) to play the company’s games. The terms also explain what would happen if aliens, robots, or simians take over the planet. Really.

Section 5.1 of Amazon Games’ general terms of use specifically mentions that, “You must be a live human (e.g., not a corporation, organization, artificial intelligence (good or evil), extraterrestrial, sentient non-human primate, etc.).” The terms also state that none of this applies if Earth has been taken or by robots, simians, or aliens. In that event, Amazon said these beings will be allowed to play Lost Ark and other games. “We welcome our alien, robots, ape, or other overlords, as applicable,” Amazon said.

In the event that Earth is overtaken, and it’s decided that everyone moves to Mars–where Amazon’s games are not currently offered–Amazon will try to offer its games on other planets or celestial bodies.

Lost Ark is on top of the real world right now, recently passing 1.3 million concurrent players on Steam. The free-to-play game launched in the West on February 11 following its launch in South Korea years ago. It is developed by Smilegate and published by Amazon Games

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