Sony is working on an electric automobile

14th January, 2022.      //   Technology  // 

Sony has introduced a new sports utility vehicle design and announced ambitions to create an electric car firm later this year.Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said at the CES consumer electronics trade show on Tuesday that the Japanese tech company will set up a new operational subsidiary called “Sony Mobility Inc.” in the coming months and is investigating the commercial launch of an electric vehicle.
sony car
“We believe Sony is well positioned as a creative entertainment company to redefine mobility,” Yoshida said, “with our imaging and sensing, cloud, 5G, and entertainment technologies combined with our content mastery.”
AI and robotics will be used in the company’s new EV business, which is primarily known for its electronic gadgets and entertainment products. At the CES show in Las Vegas, it debuted the Vision-S 02, an SUV prototype.
The concept SUV takes use of Sony (SNE) sensors and the company’s entertainment expertise to enable some self-driving functions. While connected to their PlayStation consoles at home, passengers would be able to play video games on the road.
Sony’s first prototype vehicle, the Vision-S 01, was unveiled two years ago and will begin testing on public roads in Europe in December 2020. According to a press statement from Sony, the new SUV will employ the same EV cloud platform as the first model. If the corporation plans to create automobiles under its own name or cooperate with other automakers, it’s unclear.
For years, rumors have floated that Sony competitor Apple (AAPL) is considering developing its own electric vehicle. In April of last year, when CEO Tim Cook intimated that autonomous driving would be a key component of any Apple car, the rumor mill cranked again, but the $3 trillion corporation has yet to confirm intentions to create one.

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