The new ELegend EL2 and EL3 will be ‘iconic sports cars from the past’

26th July, 2022.      //   Sport and Leisure, Technology  // 

ELegend EL1


Bavarian electric car company ELegend has revealed that the follow-up to the Audi Quattro-inspired EL1 EV will be a pair of ‘iconic’ sports cars from the past.

Dubbed ‘EL2’ and ‘EL3’, the successors to the EL1 will also share that car’s 800bhp electric architecture, packaged inside a pair of bodyshells that pay homage to classic motorsport stars.

“What the Audi Sport Quattro is to the EL1, two other iconic cars from the past will be to the EL2 and the EL3,” a spokesperson confirmed to Considering ELegend has yet to finish building the delightful EL1, we’re a way off more concrete information.

So let’s go with what we know. Like the EL1, only 30 examples of each will be built, and it’d be safe to assume the performance metrics will remain as per the first car. So that means an AWD layout with a tri-motor setup – one up front, two at the back – hooked up to a 90kWh liquid-

That monster power output is matched to a single-gear transmission with a pair of limited slip diffs front and back, packaged inside a carbon fibre monocoque. In terms of size, the EL1’s only a fraction longer than a Ford Fiesta (4,155mm), features mighty brakes, ESP, adjustable dampers, a 47/53 weight distribution and a kerbweight of just 1,680kg.

The 0-62mph time takes 2.8secs, 0-124mph is dispatched in 8.5secs and where applicable, it’ll max out at 186mph. When not flat out, it’ll go around 265 miles… while “at least two laps on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife with record ambitions are possible with one battery charge”.

ELegend tells TG that it’s had discussions with ‘several’ customers interested in the EL1, and one rather suspects those 30 cars will sell quite quickly. So what would you like to see ELegend build next? We’re going leftfield and pinning our delicate hopes on a Metro 6R4 and Toyota 222D revival.

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