Products & Features

  • Broadcasting online globally

On stage – on the pitch – behind the scenes

In quality HD – more economically than traditional broadcasters

Affordable quality

  • A choice of TV content

Sport – entertainment – fashion & more

Something for everyone

  • Now performers in all sports & entertainments can reach vast audiences across the globe

More exposure and bigger income streams

  • With our own technology, really talented individuals and companies can have their own TV channel

The ultimate promotional resource

  • Filming live events (in real time)

On stage – on the pitch – behind the scenes

Great value for money

  • Audio visual

Recording dvd’s in HD (artist/team specific)

A unique method of selling exclusive music & theatre through our global shop window

  • Market intelligence

Knowing our markets opens up larger business potential

Consider our online capabilities to put you in touch with new customers worldwide

Larger categorised audiences to promote your products & services globally

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