In the last months of 2018 close friends and former bandmates – Felix Oliver Bacareza and Johnson Anday – decided to form a music group steeped in love and care.

Their first attempt was frustrated by a number of their selected musicians not being available due to their own commitments.
They also wanted to create their own music. Now after much hard work and dedication to their goals, the band is formed of some superb musicians and vocalists. Felix in a moment of inspiration and much soul searching sat down and wrote their latest release, “Mundo Kong Wala Ka (My World Without You)”.

The band members have decided to have the name “Evolution”, as the members of the group experienced transformation and “evolved” into changed personalities. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth – Genesis 1. The band has mutually agreed its single purpose, “to spread music throughout the Philippine archipelago and globally beyond”.

The band is currently writing more songs and recording in studios in Bohol and Cebu to complete its first album.
The first song “Mundo Kong Wala Ka” is now released online as a precurser to the upcoming album. 


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